Waste Applications

Waste Characterization

A characterization of drum
  • Quickly characterize waste drums
  • Fast identification decreases scan time
  • Recommended series: A, H, or P

H characterization of container
  • Find direction and character of sources
  • Localize without exposing operator to high-radiation field

Waste Quantification

Characterize a barrel This image features the old model of the P series system.
SourceTerm software

Real-Time Isotopic Trending

Characterize a pipe
  • Quickly characterize waste in pipes
  • Provides real-time ratios and isotopics
  • Replaces need for chemistry samples
Characterize a pipe This image features the old model of the P series system.
  • Easy to spot pipe buildup
  • Quickly view distribution of sources along pipes
  • Recommended series: H, P, or S

Comparison with Chemistry Samples

Measurements at Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Station showing ability to replace the need for chemistry samples for certain applications.

Shielding Optimization

  • Determine whether or not shield is effective
  • Verify shield reduced radiation to safe levels or below that from another source
  • Recommended series: H or P
Shield wall

Co-60 with and without shield

Shipping & Cargo Inspection

A on shipping container
  • Recommended series: A, H, or P
Source in shipping container
  • Ensure cargo meets shipping and receiving requirements
  • Scan for radioactive contamination
  • Fast imaging allows easy preparation of shipments
  • Quickly locate where in container needs shielding

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