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H3D® Remote Monitoring Software (RMS) provides detailed isotopic trends with HPGe-quality quantification performance. When using an RMS server in conjunction with H3D detectors, data for locations of interest can be viewed in real time for both short- and long-term tracking of isotope activity.

S series comparison to chemistry samples Measurments at Prarie Island Nuclear Generating Station tracking Co-58 in Reactor Coolant System.

S series comparison to chemistry samples


  • Real-time isotopic tracking using permanently mounted systems
  • Connection with multiple detectors in various facility locations
  • Track isotope activity or concentration
  • Create charts based on measurements from specific detectors or locations
  • Connection via Ethernet or XBee radio
  • Compatible with S- and P100S-series detectors


  • Outage coolant/CRUD monitoring
  • Facility radiochemistry measurements
  • Resin-bed accumulation monitoring
  • Monitoring isotopic plating on chiller

S Series in RMS Geometry
P100S in RMS Geometry This image features an old model of the P series system.

Monitoring Ag-110m at Palisades

Ag-110m Plotting

H3D monitored Ag-110m at Palisades Nuclear Power Plant using the S100 and RMS. Water samples from the facility's chemistry department showed a decreasing concentration for Ag-110m, while H3D RMS showed the local concentration of Ag-110m increasing by almost 3 times. Internal smears of the pipe of interest (shown to the right) confirmed the H3D Ag-110m results, showing that using real-time isotopic trending with H3D can potentially be more effective than chemistry samples.

Top Cap Smear Results

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RMS and related systems are patent protected by: U.S. Pat No. 7,411,197 and U.S. Pat No. 7,692,155 under license from the University of Michigan, and U.S. Pat No. 10,032,264.

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