Medical Applications

H3D® products have a variety of applications in the medical space. Our systems have been used for medical imaging, as well as monitoring radiation levels both during and post-operation. If you have a medical application for H3D CZT technology, contact us. We are happy to work with you in creating a custom solution for your application. A few examples are shown below.

M Series for Medical Imaging

Dr. Mung Rig
M Series
  • Custom integrable CZT module
  • Industry-leading efficiency with over 19 cm3 pixelated CZT
  • Real-time spectroscopy, ID, and imaging

H3D designed and built a system to tile M Series detectors for medical imaging use. This rig and series of detectors will be used for novel research with imaging radioisotope tracers in patients.

Real-Time Patient Monitoring

Using the H420, different isotopes related to medical procedures can be monitored in patients in real time.

H characterization of container
  • Monitor important isotope exposure rates after medical procedures
  • Detect if medical isotopes are still present in body in real time

A characterization of drum
Image of isotope I-131 using the H420

Proton-Therapy Imaging

J series
J Series
  • High-energy high-flux spectrometer
  • 64 CZT crystals
  • Total crystal volume of 310 cm3

The H3D J series (previously known as the Polaris-J) is able to image high-energy gamma rays produced during proton cancer therapy. The prompt gamma-ray emissions from proton interactions with tissue can be used to monitor the proton beam in-vivo, providing real-time knowledge of tumor location, beam position, and beam penetration depth during treatment. The readout system is optimized for the high-flux conditions of proton cancer therapy.

Small-Animal PET Scans

Small-Animal PET Prototype
Small-Animal PET Scanner

H3D has developed a custom prototype solution for small-animal PET scans that has been tested by researchers at the University of Illinois. The H3D solution is a fundamental improvement from traditional scintillator technology used in small-animal PET scans: H3D CZT is capable of achieving 0.5mm-position resolution. Compared to scintillator position resolution of 1 mm, this is a significant step forward for this procedure.

Read more about H3D's ventures into prototype PET scanning in this article published in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

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