SourceTerm Software package

H3D® Visualizer with SourceTerm gives additional capabilities to the Visualizer software included with H3D detectors.
SourceTerm's innovative algorithms discretize sources over surfaces or volumes, producting accurate quantification of sources.

H Series with shipping container


  • Isotope identification and quantification
  • Quantification of distributed sources
  • Calculates total source activity and specific activity
  • Model pipe, drum, sphere, box, and wall geometries
  • Compatible with H-, S-, and P-series detectors


  • Waste characterization and management
  • Plant radiochemistry measurements
  • NORM quantification and classification

SourceTerm Interface
Waste characterization with P-series

More Information

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SourceTerm and related systems are patent protected by: U.S. Pat No. 7,411,197 and U.S. Pat No. 7,692,155 under license from the University of Michigan, and U.S. Pat No. 10,032,264.

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