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The reason that H3D can create products with unmatched performance is due to our strong team. With extensive experience in detector applications, we make understanding our customers and building solutions our highest priority.

If you have questions or would like to contact us, you can fill out our contact form, or contact someone on the Sales and Marketing Team directly.

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Business and HR Team

  • Kristina Wommer

    Kristina Wommer earned her undergraduate degree and her master's degree from Northern Michigan University. She has over 20 years of professional experience working in human resources, payroll, employment-based immigration, and account management. Kristina manages the human resources, payroll, and daily business operations of H3D.

    Kristina Wommer
    Business & HR Director

  • Rachel Jaworski

    Rachel earned her undergraduate degree from Purdue University. After joining H3D in 2018, she specialized in procurement and organization. Rachel currently provides task support in other areas, primarily contract administration.

    Rachel Jaworski
    Contracts Coordinator

    (734) 661-6416 x115

  • Elliot Hadden

    Elliot is originally from Australia, where he spent 15 years in Sales and Distribution within the wine industry. Since joining H3D in 2019, he has supported inventory management and purchasing.

    Elliot Hadden
    Inventory & Purchasing

    (734) 661-6416 x172

  • Alex Upham

    Alex recieved his undergraduate degree from Eastern Michigan University. Prior to joining H3D in 2021, Alex has worked as a free school director and kitchen manager. At H3D, Alex handles shipping, recieving, logistics, quality assurance, radiation safety, accounts payable, and business-process analytics.

    Alex Upham
    Quality Assurance &
    Business Process Analyst

    (734) 661-6416 x137

  • Electrical and CZT Team

    Manufacturing and Production Team

    Mechanical Design Team

    Nuclear Engineering Team

  • Dr. Brian Kitchen

    Brian earned his undergraduate degree and his PhD from the University of Michigan. He has worked on radiation transport and quantum interaction of radiation in materials since 2008. At H3D, Brian has developed optical and radiation image tools for calibration and mapping. In addition, he manages various programs for new technology development and radiation safety.

    Dr. Brian Kitchen
    Nuclear Engineering
    (734) 661 6416 x122

  • Dr. Steven Brown

    Steven earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and his PhD from the University of Michigan. He has worked on CZT-based imagers since 2011 and specializes in coded-aperture imaging. At H3D, Steven develops gamma-ray imagersĀ for research and commercial applications.

    Dr. Steven Brown
    Nuclear Imaging
    (734) 661 6416 x133

  • Reid Sobota

    Reid earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan. At H3D, he works on 3D imaging algorithm development, post-processing software, and improving radiation image reconstruction performance.

    Reid Sobota
    Nuclear Imaging

  • Dr. David Goodman

    David earned his undergraduate and PhD from the University of Michigan. At H3D David works on a wide variety of topics ranging from isotope identification, monitoring nuclear power plant coolant isotopics, imaging algorithms for spatially aware systems, and waste assay. He is also a committee member of the ANSI n42.34 (RIID) standard.

    Dr. David Goodman
    Nuclear Imaging
    (734) 661 6416 x123

  • Dr. Chris Meert

    Chris earned his undergraduate degree from Purdue University and his PhD from the University of Michigan. His doctoral work focused on neutron-detection methods for photon active interrogation. At H3D, Chris works on topics including active interrogation and high-energy photon detection.

    Dr. Chris Meert
    Nuclear Imaging
    (734) 661 6416 x138

  • Isha Bhatt

    Isha earned her undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering and her master's degree in Robotics from the University of Michigan. Before joining H3D, she worked on autonomous driving perception systems and systems software. At H3D, Isha works on SLAM, real-time software, and general robotics development.

    Isha Bhatt
    Robotics Engineer

  • Project Management Team

    Sales and Marketing Team

    Software Team

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