P Series

Collimated Gamma-Ray Imaging Spectrometer

The H3D® P100 was developed as a solution for the identification and quantification of gamma-ray sources in the presence of strong gamma-ray sources. The same imaging and spectral performance of H100, but with a tungsten collimator to help focus on the source of interest. Also available in a spectrometer-only model (P100S).

P100 Usage Example


  • Isotopic quantification of gamma-ray sources
  • Real-time spectroscopy, ID, and imaging
  • Air/water tight for easy decontamination


  • Waste characterization
  • Quantitative analysis of radiation in pipes and ducts
  • Emergency response, incidents, and outages
P series pipe quantification
P series drum quantification
Resolution (% FWHM @ 662keV)
Spectrometer Range (keV)
Imaging Range (keV)
Collimator (" Tungsten)
CZT Volume (cm3)
Weight (lbs.)
Battery Life (hrs.)
IP Rating
Temperature Rating (°F)
Startup Time (minutes)
User Interface
Spec Sheet
P100 Icon P100S Icon
P100 P100S
<1.1 <1.1
50 to 3000 50 to 3000
250 to 3000 N/A
1 1
>6 >4.5
25 25
>7 >7
IP65 IP65
-4 to 122 -4 to 122
<2 <2
Tablet Tablet / Webpage

More Information

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Laser Warning
P100 and related systems are patent protected by: U.S. Pat No. 7,411,197 and U.S. Pat No. 7,692,155 under license from the University of Michigan, and U.S. Pat No. 10,032,264 and U.S. Pat No. 10,586,624.

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