H3D Product Distributors

Please do not hesitate to contact H3D if you have any questions about evaluating or purchasing our products regardless of where you are around the world. We will either work with you directly or we will forward you to one of our experienced distributors. If you would like to contact one of our distributors we have provided their contact information below.


Systel Electronique

Systel has been the distributor of H3D products in France since 2014. They had decades of experience in servicing equipment within nuclear power facilities prior to being trained on the use and service of the H3D product line.


Fujitok Corporation

Fujitok has been distributing H3D products in Japan since 2014. The Fujitok team has been trained on the applications and service of the Polaris-H detector platform and have assisted in the creation of Japanese interfaces.

South Korea


CGITec has been distributing H3D products in South Korea since 2014. The CGI team has been working with the H3D technology for a decade, so they have extensive experience in the application and service of the technology.

Scandinavia and neighboring countries

Gammadata Instrument AB

Gammadata has been distributing H3D products since 2015 and have substantial expertise on radiation detection equipment. They provide their customers local service and support.

Almost everywhere else!

North American Technical Services

NATS acts as an H3D distributor all around the world and provides export services to a variety of countries.