H3D Product Distributors

Please do not hesitate to contact H3D if you have any questions about evaluating or purchasing our products regardless of where you are around the world. We will either work with you directly or we will forward you to one of our experienced distributors. If you would like to contact one of our distributors we have provided their contact information below.

Our distributers are located in the areas highlighted in blue. Click an area to jump to that section!



Systel Electronique

Systel has been the distributor of H3D products in France since 2014. They had decades of experience in servicing equipment within nuclear power facilities prior to being trained on the use and service of the H3D product line.


ELSE Solutions

ELSE Solutions started representing H3D technology in the Italian market in 2018. Their team has been trained on the principles and operation of the technology and are able to assist in customer support and training on the technology.

United Kingdom

Southern Scientific

Southern Scientific began representing H3D, Inc. in the United Kingdom in 2020. Their team has good familiarity with the technology in order to be able to provide demonstrations and training on the technology we offer.



Scannix began representing H3D, Inc. in Belgium in 2022. Their team contains experts in the fields of waste management, nuclear power, nuclear medicine, and radiation monitoring.

Netherlands and Denmark


metorX began representing H3D, Inc. in the Netherlands and Denmark in 2022. Their team has specialization in nuclear technology and routinely innovates in the field of nuclear instrumentation.


Pagode Oy

Pagode Oy is a Finnish company established in 2010. They are professionals in radiation measurement devices and systems in Finland.



For nearly 50 years, Itec Ltd is a is a leading supplier of solutions and services for a wide range of professional industries, as well as for the nuclear and medical market. Itec provides quality and cost-effective solutions combined with specialized sales and support engineers to assist customers from the early stage of design, development, and verification throughout their product life cycle, aiming for a high level of satisfaction and to preserve long-term customer relationships.



Raytech was founded in 2006 and since its inception has been focused on the supply of modern portable and mobile CBRNe threat analysis devices for uniformed and special services.



ILGE is an engineering, consultancy, and training company that focuses on the radiation and energy-based sectors. It started in 2017 at the TOBB University Technology Center in Ankara and continues in the education and engineering center in Ankara Sincan.

South America



IBUR began representing H3D, Inc. in Brazil in 2022. Their team has years of experience working with radiation detectors within nuclear power facilities prior to being trained on the use and service of the H3D product line.


South Africa


ThorTech is equipped with world-class heavy-industry infrastructure and leading specialists that offer turnkey solutions in the healthcare, mining, telecommunications, energy, and decommissioning sectors. They thrive on solving complex challenges and safeguarding operations from radiation-related risks.



Becquerel and Sievert

Becquerel and Sievert is H3D's distributor in Taiwan. BQSV is devoted to radiation protection in a wide variety of fields, and supports H3D for the applications of nuclear medicine, research, and industrial use.


Fujitok Corporation

Fujitok has been distributing H3D products in Japan since 2014. The Fujitok team has been trained on the applications and service of the H3D detector platform and have assisted in the creation of Japanese interfaces.

South Korea


CGITec has been distributing H3D products in South Korea since 2014. The CGI team has been working with the H3D technology for a decade, so they have extensive experience in the application and service of the technology.

Russia, CIS Countries, and Eastern Europe

GammaTech LLC

GammaTech has been distributing H3D products in Russia and surrounding areas since 2016. Their staff have experience on gamma spectroscopy and on local service and support of H3D systems.


Novotec Instruments

Novotec Instruments is a young company based in Mumbai, India. They represent leading companies that manufacture scientific instruments to be used in nuclear power plants, the Atomic Energy Department, and the educational and research sector. They provide sales and technical support services on behalf of their principal companies to customers in the Indian market.


H3D works with three different distributors in China. Please read more on each of them below, and find the one that most suits your need!

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