H3D® products have an extensive variety of applications. Follow the links below to explore applications in your area of interest, or visit the products page to determine which system best fits your needs.

Nuclear Power

H3D instruments help find, characterize, and clean up contamination. Our instruments are used by over 75% of US nuclear power plants.

CBRNE & Emergency Response

H3D instruments are the future of emergency response and CBRNE equipment. Our excellent energy resolution identifies sources with incredible accuracy, and our technology is so easy to use that minimal training is required.

Defense & Homeland Security

H3D has developed products tested extensively to military ruggedization standards and cybersecurity demands. We offer off-the-shelf products and high-efficiency modular detectors to meet any security need.


H3D systems are well suited to handle any nuclear-waste needs. From characterization of waste to localization of hot spots, H3D has an answer.


H3D has worked closely with customers in the safeguards space to provide a number of solutions optimized to their specific needs.


H3D has created custom solutions for a variety of medical applications. H3D has systems with increased sensitivity and high-energy imaging to suit customer needs.

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