Improved Exposure Estimation Across the Energy Domain

The updated ANSI 2021 N42.34 standard now requires accurate exposure estimation from Am-241 to Co-60 gamma-ray energies. H3D's exposure-estimation algorithm was updated to meet the new, more rigorous standard. Exposure-rate-estimation accuracy for three CdZnTe models across the entire energy range is shown below using the updated algorithm. The ±20% and ±30% accuracy requirements of the ANSI standard for Cs-137 and Am-241/Co-60 are shown by dashed and solid lines respectively. All three updated CdZnTe models exceed the new stringent exposure-accuracy standard. This modified exposure-estimation algorithm will improve CdZnTe instrument performance from nuclear-power to homeland-security measurements.

CdZnTe exposure estimation from Am-241 to Co-60.

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