Superior Capabilities

H3D® offers the world's highest-performance imaging spectrometers.  Quickly identifying and localizing gamma-ray sources with a single measurement, H3D is revolutionizing how measurements are performed.

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The New Handheld RIID

The A series is redefining the standard for radioisotope identification. Featuring excellent energy resolution in a room-temperature, handheld system, you can search, identify, and localize all with one detector.

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Customer Focused

H3D exists to serve customer needs.  With 11 highly trained PhDs and extensive experience in detector applications, we make understanding customers and building solutions our highest priority.  Available 24/7, we stand by our products.

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The Complete Solution

With the ability to identify, quantify, and localize sources, the H series has a wide variety of applications. With users in nuclear power plants and emergency responders around the world, this is your complete gamma imaging solution.

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Changing the Paradigm of Radiation Detection

Compton Ring

With cutting-edge CZT (CdZnTe) technology, H3D offers:

  • Fast startup
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Industry-leading energy resolution
  • Highly efficient imaging
  • User-friendly interface
  • Cost effective

Our Products

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Recent News

May 1, 2021
Learn more about H3D's proof-of-concept for breast cancer imaging.

Jan. 1, 2021
Check out the H420 being used in live decommissioning demonstrations.

Oct. 28, 2020
NCT Magazine published an article highlighting H3D in the CBRNE space.


Offering imaging spectrometers, spectrometers, handheld directional RIIDs, and specialty systems, H3D has something for almost any application.  Read more about our most popular applications below and here.

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