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H3D offers the world's highest-performance imaging spectrometers. Our technology is based on over a decade of groundbreaking research in the highly ranked Nuclear Engineering department at the University of Michigan. We formed H3D, Inc. in 2011 to commercialize this technology.

H3D's gamma camera, Polaris-H, was prototyped in 2012 and introduced commercially in late 2013. It has been deployed at nuclear plants around the US, including at the Fermi 2 and Cook nuclear facilities. See more on our products page. We are dedicated to developing customer-driven products. We encourage you to contact us to help us develop products that meet your needs.

H3D is committed to providing our customers with the highest performance - and most user friendly - instruments possible. We strongly believe that our products can change how you do your job. We want to get them in your hands. Contact us to inquire about a quotation or demo. Our customer support team is available 24/7.

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